Yanxi Li 

Girlhood and Backyard 

All flowers have their own meanings: roses symbolize enthusiasm, sunflowers represent hope, and morning glories confer strength and courage. With a garland around her head and a petticoat on her body, a five year old girl surrounded herself with glorious flowers and flowers become her inspiration. I choose cool, solid shades to match these brilliant flowers in my memories to play the song of ice and fire. These quiet colors reflect Chinese virtues: calmness, generosity, and gentleness, and have naturally saturated my mind. I hope that in my life as a designer, I will bloom wildly and wither gently like a splendid white rose.

弗洛伊德曾经说过,幸福的人一生都在被童年治愈。如果说一个人的童年真的可以指导她未来的方向,那对我来说,儿时奶奶家的花园,就是我的庇护所,理想的起源地。儿时,我就会把花环围在头上,穿着蓬蓬裙,想象自己是迪士尼电影里的公主。而现在,儿时的回忆成了我向前的动力。 这也是为何我的作品以花作为主题。花有重开日,人无再少年。人生一世草木一秋,流逝的美好时光是无法再补回来的。


Yanxi Li is from Dalian, China. She is a senior general fine art major with a concentration in animation. Her work is rooted in her childhood memories. She pays attention to the volume of the fabric and the exaggerated silhouette to make the surfaces full of tension. She finds a balance between humor and elegance to interpret girlhood wonder.


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