Xi Li 


Chinese folk dance is a collection of dances from different ethnic people who live in minority regions of China. In China, there are 56 ethnic groups and 55 of them are minority groups. I am not part of them, but I started learning their dance when I was 3. Folk dances are inspired by nature and daily life. When they are performed, there is a higher requirement on a dancer’s expression of emotion and atmosphere.  While performing, the dancers are elegant, focusing on their inner world. By extending these characteristics to my garments, and making them fashionable, I use luxurious, textured fabrics with simple colors and plain materials to create dramatic images with basic silhouettes.

李茜,出生于中国湖南。 由于3岁起开始学习名族舞,她的作品充分的融入了舞蹈元素和名族文化。 通过服装来塑造人的体态和气质是她创造中最重要的部分。

名族舞不同于其他舞蹈,始于自然而归于自然。着重在人物情绪的表达和氛围的传递。作为舞者,他们热爱自然,尊崇本质。 因此,为了让具有时尚性的作品与中国舞蹈融入,她着重在服装简单外形与复杂图案的融入,以及奢华材质和纯色布料的搭配。

Xi Li is a senior fiber major with a concentration in experimental fashion. She was born in Hunan, China. 
Li’s artworks are inspired by her life long experience of practicing Chinese folk dance. Her line lives between fashion and costume. She considers her first priority in garment making, before material choices and silhouettes, to be an emphasis of gesture, expression and movement. 


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Xi Li @xilistudio

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