Shelby Slayden 


In my work, I explore the idea of “paradise” and the complexity that it holds, particularly in reference to my childhood in Miami. I am approaching my early memories from a current perspective, reanalyzing and sorting through the emotional intricacies of my family, home, and self. These cycles of memory are essential to my work, creating connections between my past and present selves and their perceptions of happiness. My work explores the duality and nuance associated with the ideas of home and comfort and the ways in which the environment of a home can provide insight into complex interfamilial dynamics. I am interested in creating caricatures of family members, greatly exaggerating elements of their personal style and creating a sense of playful bravado with their actions. Characters fish, swim, and nap onstage, preserving idiosyncratic family folklore while embracing the haziness of fading memories.

Shelby Slayden is a senior general fine arts major and illustration concentrator whose work manifests in a variety of mediums, from painting and garment making to carpet tufting. Her work explores the dynamics of familial relations, tropical nature, and the intersections of these themes within her self perception. Slayden was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Her childhood was spent immersed in the tropical outdoors and has become a central theme throughout her work. Nostalgic activities such as fishing and catching lizards filter into the playful spirit of her practice, embracing the humor in these surprising interactions with nature.


MME Fall Shoot Photographer:
Caroline Xia @carolinexia_

Eli Bowles @amatme
Alexis Sanford @alexis_sanford
Cat Delo @cat_delo

MME Spring Shoot Photographer: 
Yuji Wang @wong_yuk_kay

Quarantine shoots + Background Edits by:
Shelby Slayden

Song Written By:
Mack Litzenberg @ecocoboys

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