Max Cortes 

Souvenirs From My Past Life

Inspired by an interaction with a dog owner who told me that his poodle “must’ve met me in a past life,” Souvenirs From My Past Life explores the collision of the real and the fantastic. Referencing my favorite forms of escapism, character creators and life simulators, I’ve created imaginary video game characters presented as dogs and angels who search for each other between the real and unreal worlds. The garments these characters wear are made to hold interchangeable parts, representing the “attachments” that have been collected from their past lives. By adding unexpected, humorous attachments to super practical and casual silhouettes, I aim to transform a boring reality into a digital fantasy.

Max Cortes is a Senior General Fine Arts major from Long Island, New York. Max channels his love for things that are tacky, ironic, colorful, and weird into his distinctly sugary sweet and illustrative work.




Image credit for the photos of Celina and Stevie:
Marcellus Barnett @marcyscurio

Celina Carrillo @froggummy
Stevie Dickey @hyperbowly
Mira Joseph @miraclefromheaven
Max Cortes @maxcortezzz

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