Maura Last 


When someone has gone from our lives their absence is, ironically, ever present- clinging to the items they have left behind. Coin collections and nightgowns are where I believe souls remain, tied to the earth through the ownerships of the living. The things we own and the clothes we wear shape the space around our lives. We give our belongings meaning and value and in some cases they return the favor. What we decide holds no value, we discard- these are the leftovers. Rarely do we consider the value of the life of the material, it’s death and rebirth, and all the things it picks up along the way.

I have found the shape of loss to be most evident in the clothing of the departed. When we wear their garments we are the closest we will ever be to occupying their space. This collection is a reckoning of the leftover bits of life, come and gone. Created through processes of weaving, dyeing, constructing, collecting and ruining; it considers the life cycle of a garment and the imprint of life it hangs on to.

Maura Last is from some combination of the East Coast and Midwest United States. She is a senior fibers major with an experimental fashion concentration. Maura’s work is informed by personal mythos established over years of reading, learning and an occasional bout of yearning.


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Brian Pinson @blackinkpinphotographyllc
Caroline Xia- @carolinexia_
Maura Last 

Scott Li  @scoyoh
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Maura Last

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