MME:  The Class

Multi Media Event I & II, offered in the Fiber Department at the Maryland Institute College of Art, in Baltimore, Maryland, serves as a year-long experience for students working in experimental fashion, performance and art for the body. For the past year, the fifteen students of this class have been developing collections that use the language of garments to communicate associations with others. Garments play a powerful role in how we identify one another and create important and complex bonds between people. The resulting online exhibition of this class reflects the concerns of a group with a wide range of awareness, hopes and reflections.

A significant part of the Multi Media Event experience is cross disciplinary exchange, working not only between majors but classes at MICA. MME worked with the spring 2020 Studio Lighting class, co-coordinated by Photo Faculty Jay Gould, to create the photography for the annual publication. The branding system of this project was realized by graphic design senior Xena Brar and junior Victoria Escobar, in collaboration with the students in this course. Xena Brar took this project through the finish line by creating this website.

Under normal circumstances Multi Media Event concludes in a live, annual performance in the spring semesters on the MICA campus. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group concludes their project in this interactive website. This unprecedented circumstance has pushed the artists in this class to create inventive answers that at times reach past garment making and photography and move into animation, illustration, rendering and film. The results are intuitive and resourceful, making a point perhaps, that when a creative flow is interrupted, original answers will surface in new and exciting ways.

This year’s class is enormously lucky to have worked with everyone that played a role in helping vision this special exchange.

Christina P. Day, Fiber Faculty