Ken Ha


The inspiration for Ken Ha’s collection Shield came from the memory of seeing his mother in a hospital gown for the first time. It is Ha’s only memory of seeing his mother without her jewelry, her objects of bravery, her “shield.” This overwhelming experience led him to create a body of work that ruminates on how identity is constructed in relation to personal possessions. Shield gives form to the divide of mind and body when daily patterns are interrupted. It explores the reality between how we think we are perceived versus how we see ourselves.

A love letter for my mother: 2018-2020

Thơ này dành cho me:

“Không có gì bằng cơm với cá, không có gì bằng má với con”

Con thương me nhiều,

biết trước tới giờ mình có nhiều thay đổi.

Nhưng con muốn cho me với ba biết

lúc nào con cũng thương gia đình mình.


Ken Ha is a junior Interdisciplinary Sculpture major at MICA. Born in Vietnam, Ha came to the States with his mother at a young age. Owning the label, “Immigrant,” Ha’s works speak critically of relationships between the East and the West through an intimate exploration of his conscious identity.



Image credit: 
Gabe Valladares @gabbevalla
Ken Ha

Colette Lee-Kawanishi @colaeidoscope

Score Collaborator: 
Kyle Stuart


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