Katrina Davis

Earth Adorned 

In the ceramic practice, clay is harvested from the earth and directed by the hand. Through the process of transition it becomes a solid form that records the history of its handling. This interaction with clay leads me to use a variety of materials that foster unity and structure to create finished looks that cross boundaries between jewelry and garment. Decisions are guided by various experiments I create with surface treatment and are intuitively layered to create unexpected material relationships. Inherent qualities such as weight, texture, shape and sound are all emphasized when materials mix. The weight and gravity of the outcome is in conflict with the body, and is revealed in moments of tension and release- the garment in the end becoming an instrument of sound.

Katrina Davis is a senior fiber major with a concentration in experimental fashion. She was raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Her work examines material construction by means of ceramic hand-building, surface treatments, draping, and layering to create depth and texture on the body. Inspiration is drawn from texture found in, or as a result, of nature and its eroding forces.


Image Credit: 
Aislinn Lopez @artofais

Model Names:
Benett Holgerson @commiedesgarcons
Renee Podber  @reneepodber
Sylvia Davis @sylviawisteria
Katrina Davis @katdavisart
Loli Vaccaro @loli.v

Composer for Music:
Ashna Pathan

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