Katherine Shark 


When my body is vulnerable and subject to attack, the clothing I wear and my circle of friends serve as forms of armour. Using my own touchstones of security - the quilt my father made me, a pair of red sunglasses, the striped blue and white button down shirt I’ve worn for years - I use my work to merge and translate my defenses into a more accessible form of armour.  My color palette and use of line references architectural drawings I grew up admiring from my father’s office, blended with the surface treatment of quilting. My garments are built to extend a feeling of safety & confidence to their wearers - the feeling I have found in my friends, in my own lucky charms, to make the wearer feel protected and powerful.

Katherine Shark is a native Californian garment maker and designer. As a fibers major at MICA, she explores themes of protection, comfort, and female solidarity. Drawing upon her own experiences of friendship and safety in times of fear, Katherine works to extend a feeling of security to the wearer through material and form, using line to emphasize the body in her garments.


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Katherine Shark

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Katherine Shark

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