Punk music preaches building a better world, while many punk fashion brands do not consider sustainability when creating clothing. These brands add to the devastation fast fashion is imposing on the environment. Fast fashion, a term created to describe an overly rapid production schedule of inexpensive and poorly made clothing reflecting the latest trends, has created massive amounts of waste during production and from post-consumer usage. REFUSE combines sustainable fashion ethics with punk rock’s history of do-it-yourself attitude. The garments in this collection are made from repurposed materials only: old denim, worn t-shirts, ties, poker chips, bottle caps, and fabric scraps. Each outfit is inspired by specific punk subgenres, reimagined through a contemporary lens. Materials, color and silhouette are chosen to pay respects to the history of each subgenre, as well as the clothing commonly worn within it, both in the past and present. Punk defies normality and reimagines systems; REFUSE demands change in the modern textile industry.

Haven DeAnglis is originally from Skillman, New Jersey. She is a senior fiber major with concentrations in experimental fashion and sustainability and social practice. DeAnglis became interested in punk culture through the music and fashion, and has been attending punk rock flea markets since high school. She began STITCH AND DESTROY, an upcycled punk and alternative clothing and accessories brand in 2019.


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Haven DeAnglis 

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