Eden Manresa


This collection aims to explore the spaces between opposites using a feminine flash. I treat quiet materials, like mesh and knit, with loud construction. Working with a limited color palette consisting of blacks, whites, grays, and beiges to create unlimited styling combinations, I make my garments with the intention for the wearer to show intimate layers on the outside. This reversal of what is supposed to be covered creates a new space for the wearer to face out. In this space I intend to challenge the conventional understandings of strength, power, and beauty in garment through closeness and connection.

The varying sizes and opacities of each piece in this line allows options for different levels of comfort with baring skin. There is strength in knowing what level of exposure you’re comfortable with; how much you choose to share. Vulnerability, in all of its versions, is beautiful and powerful.

Eden Manresa is a senior fiber major with a concentration in experimental fashion from South Florida. Making mostly garments allows her to invite the viewer to imagine how they would feel wearing them. Eden uses her eye for color, texture, and opacity to make the wearer feel comfortable and confident.



Image credit: 
Becca Gohn @beccapher
Eden Manresa @e.done

Music credit:
Katey Noone @kateynoone

Nicole Ponce @nico.ponceee
Katey Noone @kateynoone
Eden Manresa

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