Beck Hastings 


This project is dedicated to the community I grew up in: a thriving and constantly evolving society for people who recreate costumes from fictional works, otherwise known as the cosplay community. Over the years, cosplayers have built a dynamic, inclusive, and uplifting network for creators to learn from one another and grow in our craft. Although cosplay is the art of transforming into someone else, the art form helps people to shed their insecurities and truly be themselves.

This line of original costumes, Convergence, explores the confidence, majesty, and sense of belonging that cosplayers feel when we wear transformative garments and atypical makeup.

Beck Hastings is a senior Fiber major and Theatre concentrator. They started making costumes at age 13 and have since built dozens of cosplay costumes for themself and others, as well as designed costumes for several plays. Outside of fiber arts, they are a makeup artist and a published illustrator.



Photographer credit:
Karen Hastings

Beck Hastings

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